Thursday, November 3, 2011

i have moved!!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

im moving

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xoxo, lauren 

Monday, June 27, 2011

"Sun-Kissed" Glow

i'm pale. super pale. this isn't a new thing for me. i was pale before twilight made it cool. i can't even hold a tan. i just don't have pigment (or whatever it is that you need) in my skin. and honestly, i don't mind. i don't wear dark colors much, so it's not like i have to worry about looking faded out. i do have to worry about burning though, because 20 minutes outside and i'm turning crispier than a piece of bacon and more red than a strawberry tomatoe.

one thing that is difficult is finding make up to match my skin tone. the lightest shades in most brands are usually about a shade or two darker. if i want blush or bronzer, i usually end up looking like a clown with giant red patches on my cheeks. i blush easily, and often, which gives me a natural pink tint, but it doesn't last.

my point of this post is to inform you all about a wonderful product. i kid you not, it completes me. i'm in love, and not with a man. it's actually an elf. what? oh, sorry, i meant E.L.F., the Eyes Lips Face brand found at target. i would like to introduce you all the the E.L.F. All Over Color Stick. Available in 5 shades, and for only a dollar, it's the perfect match for me.

How we met: i was once again wandering the make up department in my local target, feeling hopeless about ever finding the perfect make up match for my pale, lonely skin. i headed towards the E.L.F. section, a favorite of mine because of their cheap prices and good quality (not perfect, but considering you can get most of their stuff for under $5.00, it's really good). i wasn't expecting to find anything, but a new little product in the corner caught my eye. i looked at it for a minute, then decided at $1.00, it was worth a try.

i got home and tried it out. it's perfect. amazing. i love it. it has a light citrus scent, but nothing too fancy or powerful. you rub it anywhere (i usually just do a little dab along my cheekbones, nothing fancy), maybe blend it in a bit with your fingers, and there ya go. i've used it over a light foundation, over my regular moisturizer, and on my skin alone and it still looks good. it gives me a light dose of shimmery color that looks more like a sun-kissed glow than make up. i personally am a fan of the "golden peach" (shown above), but i'd like to try "pink lemonade", with just a bit more pink than gold, next.
(NOTE: i am not doing this for anyone other than myself, and for you guys. i wish E.L.F. would shower me with make up for telling you about this, but alas, i doubt that they will)

what make up supplies are you totally loving??
xoxo, lauren

Monday, June 6, 2011

groovy smoothie

i'm a fan of anything sweet and fruity. make it healthy and that's just an added bonus. while i was in georgia, my mom and i were shopping in jcpenny when we found these super cool "magic bullet" blenders. you can make dips, soups, mousse, fruit juices, smoothies, ect. i'd actually seen it on another blogger's page, but hadn't found one in person. as i'm sure you can guess, i was super excited. even more exciting, they were 50% off!!!!!! **happy dance** of course, my mom bought me a red one (sadly there was no pink) and got my sister a blue one (hope you like it jessie).

(there's a smoothie in the making...)

i decided to try making a strawberry bananna smoothie for the first try. i cut up a ton of fresh strawberries and froze them. (hint- when freezing fruit, you may want to put in on a tray instead of just in a bowl like i did. that way it won't freeze into  a giant lump.) i then added a bananna and some vanilla yogurt. at first it was a little thick but i fixed that w- the addition of some milk. i like my smoothies really creamy so i was happy with it.

(mhmmm...freshly frozen strawberries) 

i plan to experiment a ton with different flavor combinations. i'll try to post a few recipes when i find something really yummy. and if you have any smoothie suggestions, leave them in the comments!!
xoxo, lauren

Sunday, June 5, 2011

my new roommate

i got back to virginia recently. and my once broken computer was finally fixed, thanks to the lovely people at toshiba. (of course, if it hadn't been made wrong in the first place...but whatever) even cooler is that my friend taylor moved in with me on the 23rd of may... (yes, i know that was almost 2 weeks ago but i've been busy). the fun's already started. ya know, just a bit.

being goofballs at target

i have a ton of blogs in the making. i've included a DIY or two, and some silly fun posts all around. i've written up a few of them but i'm waiting to post them. i really feel like i can keep it up this time. i'm not just saying it for once. but we'll see. now i'm off to the grocery store.
xoxo, lauren

Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy mother's day

today is mother's day. as is tradition, the day was spent with my mom. there was actually a craft fair going on in the area, and it's one of our favorite things to do together, so it was the perfect way to spend the day with my mom. :)

(my mom and me at the aquarium. don't we look super similar??)

i'm so glad to have such an amazing mom. we have our differences, sure. we get mad, we yell, we fight, blah blah blah. but at the end of the day she's my mom, and she's amazing. she may not always say the right thing, but i know she's always there for me and she always has my back, no matter what happens. no matter what we do we have an amazing time. it's a little scary how alike we are (seriously, it creeps my dad out sometimes) but it just adds to how close we are. so many of my friends tell me they wish they were closer to their moms, and i just get to smile and offer advice as to how to get closer.

(my mom and me at my graduation last year)

to my mom, and all the other mommies out there (to my "adopted" moms, friend's mom, and any other mom out there) happy mother's day. thanks for being amazing in all the ways that you are. without you, we (literally) wouldn't be where we are today.
xoxo, lauren

catching up

i haven't posted since march. i'm not going to even try and explain everything that's gone on recently, but i can say that i have finished my freshman year of college (yay!!) and it's summertime now. i've stopped doing yoga and i really need to pick it up again. i miss it. but with summer i think things will calm down a lot and i can have some fun. i have a (rather crazy) living plan set up for the summer, but more importantly i have many recipes, crafts, and fun activities planned that i intend to blog about.

(my "roomies" and myself)
the past couple weeks were nuts. finals were happening and my stress and problems were getting the best of me. i can't believe i'm finally done with my freshman year though!! there were moments i didn't think i'd survive. but overall it was amazing and i wouldn't change it for anything. it was so weird seeing the rooms i called "home" for almost a year emptied, but i'm crazy excited for next year!!

with all the extra time i have now that it's summer, i am jumping full force into my etsy shop. i added a few new items the other day, and more are coming this week. think some cute tote bags, hair accessories (like the customizable college barrette above), key chains, and play felt food for kids. this past week i also gave the shop a makeover when i redid my policies, about me, sections, welcome, even descriptions. let's hope it helps get me some sales!!
the next few days i'll be trying to jump back into blogging. it may take me a bit at first, especially because my computer isn't working at all and it's currently being sent back to toshiba to be fixed so i'm using my moms, but i'll make it work. summer 2011 is going to be amazing. i can feel it!! :)
xoxo, lauren

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the bachelor finale

i'll admit it. i like to watch reality tv sometimes. usually its the cute type stuff, dealing with fashion (project runway or ANTM), food (cupcake wars, anyone??), but usually romance. the millionaire matchmaker is my absolute favorite, but the bachelor is my a close second. i started watching it with my mom when i was still in high school and i somehow became addicted. the season with allie, i'd even discuss it with my environmental science teacher the morning after. it's silly, over dramatic, and it doesn't always work out for the people, but there's that chance for 2 people to fall in love (and wear amzing clothes and go on fabulous, romantic dates, and travel all over as well), and get the happily-ever-after, everyone is (sometimes secretly) searching for.

last night was the finale. (there are spoilers below. i am warning you now) brad had to choose between chantal and emily.

personally, i loved them both. even with emily's sad past, i still wanted him to choose chantal just a little bit. but i think we all kinda knew that he was going to pick emily. and when he sent chantal home like i knew he would, i felt really bad. teared up along with her. and when he proposed to emily i was super happy for the both of them and smiled at their obvious happiness.

then came the "after the rose" segment. i'm not sure what y'all though, but a lot of the stuff they said sounded like little red warning flags. how they fought, how they broke up at a point, them talking about their tempers. i wish them the best and i think they are totally darling together but i worry it won't work out for them and it makes me sad. however, it was nice to see some of the past couples there and they gave really good advice i hope brad and emily take. (and weren't allie and roberto just too freaking cute and adorable?? i love them!!)

what did you think of the finale last night??
xoxo, Lauren

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

hockey and dancing

hope you all had a great weekend and a sweet valentine's day. my valentine's day was very chill and the weather made it nice enough for me to actually enjoy the day a little. a very relaxing yogalaties class and watching the movie bride wars with my girlfriends helped too.

my weekend, however, was even more awesome. friday my friend taylor and i went back home for a night. our hockey team was playing at an away game so we took her little sister and went to cheer on our boys. there were only about 15 fans from the other team, and we were the only 3 from our school (minus the parents). to make up for the lack of fans, we decided to go crazy every time they scored a goal. this was supposed to be a super hard team that crushed us last time, but we ended up winning 7 to 4!! and everytime they scored a goal, taylor, her little sister madison, and i went totally crazy. screaming, waving our arms, everything. it got to the point where even the other team was complimenting our cheering skills. i personally would like to think they won because of all our cheering, but maybe i'm a little biased. either way, i totally loved cheering them on and being noticed, especially by one of the guys i'm crushing on. ;)
taylor and myself
our hockey team

saturday we came home and decided to go to a local club. it's gay-friendly, but tons of students (guys and girls alike) go and dance. i wasn't sure what it would be like but i got ready with a few girlfriends and we headed down to the club. we were a little nervous at first (well, except for my wild child friend erica), but once this weirdo kept trying to dance with us and we had to keep avoiding him, it made us loosen up. once we were chilled out we started having way more fun. it was just what i needed too. we danced, sang along, and laughed for over 2 hours. and when we left, i realized that i hadn't thought about stressing, school, guys, anything. i had so much fun just letting go and letting the music take over,and kinda feeling beautiful. i was so glad i got to share the experience with my girlfriends. by the time we got home at around 3am, i was exhausted and couldn't wait to fall into bed.

 my gorgeous girls
they marked up our hands to make sure we didn't drink

my weekend was so much fun. probably one of the best yet, although that's a hard call. what did your weekend bring?? xoxo, lauren

Monday, February 7, 2011

must have mondays

this weekend was great. i had so much fun with my friends. however, last night and today?? the week is starting off sucky. dealing with minor drama, overslept this morning and missed my first class, my bank account was frozen, the list continues. it's also a week till valentine's day so that doesn't make me much happier. therefore, i decided to do my "must have mondays" in an anti-valentine's day style. next monday will be all for valentine's day, but until then here are some interesting things i found.

1. you must give these cards to all your single friends
hey, us single folk gotta get the word out!! plus, they're totally cute. who doesn't like ice cream?? :)

2. you must use this mirror
of course, i am morally opposed to voodoo. it's kinda weird, a little harsh, and a lot creepy. however, this picture of a voodoo doll is kinda funny.

3, you must wear this brooch
broken hearted?? don't hide it!! show people you're sad and that you're proud by wearing this adorable little brooch on your sleeve (or shirt)

4. you must listen to this song (the glee version of 'forget you')
(sorry it's tiny)
got an ex?? send them this subtle message of what you truly think of them, and then remember just how much better off without them you are.

5. you must eat some of these candy hearts
i can't find where you buy these, but i think they're kinda funny. i love sweet tart hearts and the cute little messages, but for someone bitter these could be better (like the alliteration there??)

hope you enjoyed this week's bitter take on valentine's day. i'll be back later with some more posts and an update about my week. let's hope it improves!!
xoxo, Lauren

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

captian's ball!!

this past saturday was captian's ball. it's basically. prom for college kids. the dances i went to in high school weren't that great. i went to two homecomings and one prom, and although they were fun to dress up for, they weren't much else. this however, was totally different. my girlfriends and i had all planned to go together so i was really looking forward to it. being girls, we started getting ready really early. everyone was helping each other do hair and fix make-up. my friends gretchen helped with my hair (it looked amazing) and erica did my make-up. i wish they could do it everyday!! :)

of course, once we were all ready we had to take a million photos of everyone. i got photos with all my gorgeous girlfriends (from left to right they're taylor, erica, and kim), as well as the whole group together.

the rest of the night was spent dancing with my friends, cheering on my hallmates as they attempted karoke, munched on chocolate covered strawberries, pretzles, and marshmallows, and dancing more. one of the best parts was that for once in my life i didn't waste time worrying about guys. i simply flirted, laughed, and let myself enjoy feeling pretty and being silly. we sang and danced our hearts out in a big circle and it was hilarious. afterwards we all went to ihop (yes, at 12 something in the morning). apparently we weren't the only ones with that idea because everyone was eating there in their fancy dresses and suits. i loaded up on chocolate chip pancakes and didn't worry about the calories because i had probably burned them off from dancing. in case you can't tell, all of my friends had such an amazing time, and so did i. i can't wait till next year. and check back on friday because for "silly photo friday" i'll be posting a few more pictures from the ball. how was your weekend??
xoxo, Lauren

Monday, January 31, 2011

must have mondays!!

hi all! hope you had a fun weekend. mine was amazing. we had our big formal event, the captian's ball, and i had a fantastic time partying it up with my friends. more on that later. ;) for now, here are my "must haves for this week", and in honor of the captian's ball i decided to have them all center around formal events and dancing!! enjoy!! :)

1. you must wear a beautiful dress like this one
there are a million other gorgeous dresses on modcloth, but i love the color for the transition between january (winter) and february (valentine's day). the main thing is that you have to feel beautiful in whatever dress you end up wearing.

2. you must add some cute bows to your shoes
as a college student on a college budget (with a little help from the parents) i can only buy so much. hence why i LOVE the idea of gettting a simple pair of heels (black is okay but i like silver better) and dressing them up by adding different kinds of fun little shoe clips.

3. you must dance to this song
this song is so much fun to just jump around to, and the lyrics are easy so everyone can sing along. my girlfriends went a little crazy during this song. (and every other song too...)

4. you must carry your necessities in this clutch

although i'm not a fan of black (im too pale to pull it off) i do like the pattern and think it'd be fun for a party. i'm all about the accessories here.

5. you must have this lip gloss

this is by far one of my favorite flavors. it's sweet and fun and everytime i put some on i get at least one person (guys and girls) telling me how good it smells.

hope you like my party outfit necessities for today's "must have mondays". i'll be back later to tell you about the ball itself.
xoxo, Lauren

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

is there an ark i can borrow??

i adore my college. the classes are great, the people are great, the food is (usually) great. i sound silly but i can't even begin to describe just how much i love it here. there's really only one or two little things i don't like about the school and it's something that's totally and completly out of the school's control. what is it?? the weather. i live in newport news, va. for those that don't know, it's on the east coast of the united states. that means that it's really windy. i don't totally hate cold, but wind sucks beyond belief. it makes everything colder and messes up perfectly fixed hair. i love snow, but because we're on the coast, we get almost no snow. ever. instead, we get rain. a lot of rain. tons of rain.

don't get me wrong, i adore rainy days. i love any excuse to pull out my super cute rain boots and umbrella, and love being able to curl up in bed with a blanket and fuzzy socks to study (or nap or watch movies on hulu). however, when it rains here, it pours and that means we basically get flooded. another thing about being near the coast means that we're very low so everytime it rains the campus floods. i'm short (only 5'2!!) so sometimes i feel like i'm about to drown while walking to class!!

although they predicted a wintry mix the past couple of days, we ended up just getting a ton of rain today. (and of course i forgot my umbrella, which meant a mad dash back to my dorm for me). already the campus is flooding. i think i may need a boat when i head to dinner tonight. here are some pictures of the rain i stole from a friend. how's the weaather where you are??
xoxo, Lauren

Monday, January 24, 2011

social networking update

hi again!! 2 posts in one day what what!?!?!? i have a few quick updates to tell you about.

1. i got a twitter!! i used to have one, then i deleted it, then i realized how much i missed it and brought it back. you can follow me at @CupcakeCutiebug. feel free to say hello and i'll try my hardest to reply every time. :)

2. valentine's day is coming up and although it's not my favorite holiday (for a single girl it can be a little depressing) i've decided to spread a little cheer by offering a little sale in my shop. by entering the code HUGSandKISSES in the coupon code box you'll get 14% (fourteen!!) off your price. that def makes valentine's day a little sweeter. also, you can find my etsy shop here.

that's it for now but i'll be back tomorrow. until then, here are a few sweet pictures to brighten up your day!! :)
xoxo, Lauren


must have mondays

i don't think i've been up this early for quite a bit. i actually got up at 8:30 to run over to the housing office, but i'll explain more on that later. ;) this week's "must have mondays" is changing a bit. i don't want to only show off things i like that you can buy, but rather, stuff i love in general. so "must have mondays" isn't so much as "must buy this" but more "you this, read this, eat this, ect". the style's changing a wee bit but it'll still be fun. i promise. okay, enough with the ramblings (can you tell i got less sleep than i needed?? i apologize). onto the stuff!!

1. i must buy this for my friend
my friend taylor loves converse shoes and her favorite color is blue. when i saw this i about freaked out because i know it would be perfect for her. now if only i had the money or her birthday was coming up...hmmm ;)

2. you must feel sexy when you're slaving over the perfect bundt cake wearing this now
i bake all the time (hello, my blog has the word 'cupcakes' in its title) so the second i saw this i flipped. this is exactly what i need the next time i start baking.

3. you must cover up your next injury with these band aids.
so maybe they're a little most costly than most band aids, but they're just so cute. although, as accident prone as i am, i'd go through them within a week.

4. you must remember these ways to deal with stress

(you may have to click to enlarge). i get stressed super easily. especially last week. and this week is going to be a little hectic too. hopefully if i focus on some of these ideas, and with the help of my friends, i can get through it all.

5. you must put this print on your wall.
kind of going along with my "don't stress" idea from the last one, soaking in a bubble bath is one of my favorite ways to relax and unwind. i dob't have a bathtub here but usually a long hot shower will still do.

hope you enjoyed the "must haves" for today. i'll be back later with another post. xoxo, lauren

Sunday, January 23, 2011

a double feature movie review

this weekend has been jammed packed. friday night my friends and i went to see the social network. CAB (campus activities board, the group who sets up fun things to do all over campus) was hosting a free showing. the movie started at 9, but we got there at 8:30 and it was already packed. although the group i was with had to split up, we still all manged to get seats.


i was interested to see how the movie was because i've heard so many different opinions. it was way better than i was expecting. i think they made mark come off as way more ruthless and cold hearted than he appears in real life (at least, when i've seen him). and justin timberlake really isn't that great of an actor, i'm sorry. (please honey, go back to singing.) but overall, i really liked the movie. it moved at a god pace and had its really funny moments. i'm not sure how much of it is 100% true but i'm assuming most of it is. i think one of the reasons it was so interesting was because it really showed just how much facebook has influenced our lives. some of the stuff they did (like repeatedly checking to see if the girl he had friend requested had added him), made my friends and i laugh because we all knew that we secretly did it too. i'd totally recommend it to people looking to see it.

saturday morning i was hanging out with a friend when she mentioned wanting to go home for a night to spend time with her mom. she's about a 2-hour drive away from the campus while i'm about an hour away and she passes by my house in order get home. we had originally planned to go home on friday this weekend to see our families but plans got changed so we weren't going to go. somehow, the trip ended up being on for saturday night so we packed tote bags, grabbed our dirty laundry, and headed home. my parents were super excited to see me (i miss them a lot when i'm gone, plus i miss my puppies too). my mom cooked dinner, then she mentioned they had rented a movie. on an earlier trip back home we had wanted to see "eat, pray, love" but didn't have the time so this time she had ran out and got it.


the movie was really interesting. it's not my favorite by a long shot, but it def makes you think. julia roberts is wonderful (her laugh is so beautiful, and so iconic. i love it) and i liked some of the other supporting cast members. this movie is also based on a true story about a woman going to go find herself. my favorite part of her journies through italy (the food looked divine), india, and bali were the people she met. it was like everyone she met had their own little story that helped her figure herself out and i loved the idea of being so globally connected to all these amazing people all over the world and how you can help others while helping yourself at the same time. however, i did feel sad for liz, the character julia robets plays. it's no secret i'm trying to figure out my life, my place in the world, who i am, and all that stuff. some people may say i'm too young because i'm only 18, but i think it's a great time to start exploring the world. liz, who i'm assuming is in her mid-30's or 40's, never did that and she seemed so sad, almost pathtic at times. some of the stuff she was just figuring out then, i've already learned. we're both still trying to use it now though. once again, i'd recommend this movie although i feel like it would be more catered to people trying to find themselves or searching for that extra little bit of motivation.

this weekend was so great. i got to have fun with my friends, yet i still got to come home and see my parents and puppies. (oh, and i got a super cute new cardigan i may try to post a picture of soon!!) ;) what did you do this weekend??
xoxo, Lauren

Friday, January 21, 2011

Silly Photo Friday!!

sorry for not posting all week. it's only the second week of school and already things are crazy busy. so i apologize times a million and i promise i will start posting aside from my new features. i'm actually 98% up to peed in all my classes so that's a good start at least. and it's friday (woah, already?? where did my week go?) but i'm super happy because i have another fun night planned with friends. and this time i'm going to try to take more photos. last night i was at my friend's dorm (i practically live there, i swear) and we all had a blast talking, hanging out, and being silly!!

it actually creates the perfect opportunity for me to introduce my newest feature. "silly photo friday" (or thursday, im still deciding) is going to be some fun pictures that i either a. had taken or b. am in. (maybe both??) i'm trying to take more photos this year (as if i didn't take a lot before) and this will be a fun way to show a few off. and finally...onto the photos. (warning: sorry for the quality this week. between the setting my camera was on and the awful lights in the hallway the pictures aren't 100% perfect, but they are 100% fun!!) :)

the always fun "let's jump up in the air and get a picture of us mid-jump". not easy but always makes for tons of laughs. (note my friend damian in the back...he almost knocked a tile out of the ceiling!!)

damian is one of my closest guy friends. one of the reasons we got so close was because we spent so much time practicing together for that huge dance competition this past november. and whenever ballroom kids and  performers get together, you get the constant need to dance and ham it up in front of the camera.

taylor is def one of my closest friends here. we actually went to opposing high schools but never knew each other. we have so much fun together, but that also leads to so much trouble. ;)

That's it for this "silly photo friday". feel free to tell me what you think about the newest feature. i'm off to go get ready for tonight!! can't wait. xoxo, Lauren

Monday, January 17, 2011

Must Have Mondays!!

hi there!! this past weekend was super crazy busy and although i had an amazing time, it also left me majorly sleep deprived. i'll post later about my weekend (i didnt even take any pictures, i was having THAT much fun!!) but for now i'm going to squeeze in a quick "must have mondays post"!! :)

1. this top is so adorable.

it's one of my favorite colors and its a style i can usually pull off. plus i could dress it up or down, depending if i was frolicking off to a party, class, or hanging out with a cutie. ;)

2. this necklace
it's totally fun and sweet as well. anyone who knows me knows i love cupcakes (hello, look at my blog title!!) and this would be a treat to add onto any wardrobe. (sorry for all the cupcake jokes...haha)

3. this dress
the captian's ball will be here soon enough and of course, being a girl, i get really into the dresses. this is so sweet and it's vintage, which makes it even better. another great etsy find, of course!!

4, this print
i absolutely adore flapperdoodle. i got a few of her prints for christmas, but i wouldn't mind another one. this one would be great because i love and miss my puppies back home. granted, they aren't dalmations, but it would do.

5. this adorable little baby alpaca
okay so i know this is kinda silly but i saw this picture and just couldn't resist. i've always wanted a little baby alpaca or llama, but alas, living in a subdivision (or college dorm room) doesn't exactly make that possible. one day maybe... ;) oh, and of course i'd put it in a little jacket!!