Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the bachelor finale

i'll admit it. i like to watch reality tv sometimes. usually its the cute type stuff, dealing with fashion (project runway or ANTM), food (cupcake wars, anyone??), but usually romance. the millionaire matchmaker is my absolute favorite, but the bachelor is my a close second. i started watching it with my mom when i was still in high school and i somehow became addicted. the season with allie, i'd even discuss it with my environmental science teacher the morning after. it's silly, over dramatic, and it doesn't always work out for the people, but there's that chance for 2 people to fall in love (and wear amzing clothes and go on fabulous, romantic dates, and travel all over as well), and get the happily-ever-after, everyone is (sometimes secretly) searching for.

last night was the finale. (there are spoilers below. i am warning you now) brad had to choose between chantal and emily.

personally, i loved them both. even with emily's sad past, i still wanted him to choose chantal just a little bit. but i think we all kinda knew that he was going to pick emily. and when he sent chantal home like i knew he would, i felt really bad. teared up along with her. and when he proposed to emily i was super happy for the both of them and smiled at their obvious happiness.

then came the "after the rose" segment. i'm not sure what y'all though, but a lot of the stuff they said sounded like little red warning flags. how they fought, how they broke up at a point, them talking about their tempers. i wish them the best and i think they are totally darling together but i worry it won't work out for them and it makes me sad. however, it was nice to see some of the past couples there and they gave really good advice i hope brad and emily take. (and weren't allie and roberto just too freaking cute and adorable?? i love them!!)

what did you think of the finale last night??
xoxo, Lauren