19 Before 20

i turned 19 on march 23rd. many of my favorite bloggers make lists of "blank before blank". i've decided to start that tradition as well as a way to push myself out of my comfort level a little as well as do stuff i've wanted to try but haven't actually done. some are silly, some are boring, but they are all things i really want to do. i'll be posting the entire list here and everytime i accomplish something i'll link it to the blog post so you can read all about it. :)
xoxo, Lauren

1. get ears pierced
i know, sad, but it's never been done. and i'd love to be able to wear super cute earrings.

2. go to a concert
i've been before but not for a long time, and i think summer would be a great time to go to one again. (Colbie Caillat would be AMAZING)

3. streak hair with some wild color
pink, purple, something fun and surprising to change it up.

4. write a short story or novel
i love writing and this would be a fun goal to challenge my skills.

5. have a picnic on top of the roof of my building
and not get in trouble preferrably.

6. learn how to play piano or guitar  

7. sell 25 things in my etsy shop

8. visit an alpaca farm
they are seriously the cutest little animals!!

9. buy my parents dinner
they've bought me so much, it'd be fun to pay for once (and McDonald's doesnt count)

10. be in a movie or tv show
down in Atlanta they film a lot of stuff and it'd be so much fun to work on a set for a day!!

11. advance in at least 2 dances at bronze or beginner level at DCDI.
major dance competition that the Ballroom Dance Society goes to in November

12. buy myself a designer bag
it'd be a good incentive to save up money, and Coach's "poppy" bags are too cute

13. have an article published in a journal

14.  take a roadtrip with friends or boyfriend  

15.  perform a poetry reading at an open mic night

16. send a handwritten letter to someone once a week for at least 6 months
snail mail is a dying art

17. (TBD)

18. (TBD)

19. keep blogging regularly for an entire year