Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Small Revalation of Sorts

This week has not been the best week for me. I've had multiple assignments due which means a crazy amount of work and as mentioned previously, an issue with one of my closest friends here. We talked tonight, and it'll be okay, but we both need some time to get back to where we were. However, I was still pretty upset about it and the conversation ended with me going back up to my room and crying. I was texing Patrick (also known as Mystery Badger) and he was being so sweet about everything.

I decided I would spend the rest of my night in my room on my laptop trying to get homework done. About a half an hour in, no homework had even been started and I was still just as upset when my phone rang. It was Patrick, telling me that I was going to meet him and Molly, a good friend in the making, at Einsteins, our library's version of Starbucks and a favorite place for students, to do some homework. I didn't want to, but he was a little insistent so I figured after making him listen to me being all sad I could at least agree to meet him.

I'm so happy I did. I ended up running into a few other friends, talking with people, laughing, and even got a little homework done. By the time one am came around and they were kicking us out I was laughing and smiling and feeling much more like myself. I thanked Patrick for making me come out about 50 times, but he deserved it.

So here's the part where my revalation comes into play: As I've said before, this is my fresh new start. I'm still working through the past and that will take a long time but I'm working on it and I'm making sure to do things differently here. Yeah, bad things are still going to happen. Upsetting things too. But what I realized tonight is that it's already different. Had this been high school, none of my friends would have called to make me go out. They would have let me be in my room alone. Here, I have people who care enough about me to do something to make me feel better. I have people that I can trust. I have people that think I matter. Because I do. Things may not be perfect, nor do I want them to be, but I'm still a pretty lucky girl.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Little Pick-Me-Up

The past few days have been kinda busy. I was up till 2:30am last night finishing up a paper, I still have another 8-12 page paper due Tuseday that I'm trying to finish earlier so I can skip class and head home for break early, and I have a couple of journal entries for my theater class due. On top of that I had a major fight over something stupid with someone I'm really close to. Although, I plan on blogging a little more about the people in my life and what's going on, we won't get into that because it's still being resolved, but I hate fighting with people I'm close to. Thankfully Patrick, probably one of my best friends here, was on fb to chat with me and cheer me up. Thank god for him. :)

Since I'm not one to be sad for often, I figured I'd blog about some of my favorite etsy finds that I really hope will make their way under the tree this Christmas. (As a side note, is anyone really excited for Christmas?? I can't wait!!)

I've been in love with these darling little hair clips for a while now. There's something about them that's just so darling. They'd def add a little dash of whimsy to your hair.

Whenever I'm stressed I love to just stand in a hot shower and relax for a few. This body whip looks like it'd be amazing. The seller has new scents out for Christmas as well so I can't wait to see (or smell) what else they come up with!!

Not going to lie, I'm crazy over this shop. She has all this amazing stuff I've never bought but always wanted. I love this piece in particular because I have a shiny pink, strapless dress that this would look great in. And I think CNU has something called the "Captian's Ball" in the spring. ;)

This last one I'm going to leave you with is one of my favorite fine art prints. I love spring and summer for all the fresh fruit. There's something about a bowl of fruit, especially strawberries in my opinion, sitting on the counter freshly washed just waiting for someone to come along and take a bit.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Secret Fantasy

I'm a romantic. Not just a little bit, mind you. I'm a totally crazy wild totally hopelessy hopeless romantic. I love chick flicks like it's my job and I get more excited to hear cute couple stories than teenage girls get when they see Justin Bieber. And yes, I am currently single but I know it'll happen one day. No worries here. :) (not many, anyway.) ;) Being a crazy over-the-top romantic and a girl, I daydream sometimes. I love to hear those romantic moments of declarations of love and of course it makes me want that for myself. My mind usually ends up wandering and I think of a few more scenarios I'd love as well.

Secret fantasy confession time: One thing I would love to have happen to me one day is to be serenaded. Music is really important to me and certian songs really affect me, all in different ways. I'm in a big believer in the idea that music can say things words can't always say and I think that when people have music then they have a special connection. Hence why I think being serenaded would be amazing.

If it were to happen I'd be super happy to begin with, but there are ways it could be even more amazing. If the guy himself were to serenade me, I really hope he can sing. I know it's supposed to be "the thought that counts" but if the guy singing can't really sing I'm not sure how great it'll be. In the case he can't sing, asking one of the many vocal groups (preferrably Expansion, as I love them and they are amazing) to serenade me for him would suffice. I've heard of guys asking vocal groups at other colleges to serenade their girls and it sounds so sweet.

The other big thing is the song choice. The song would, of course, have meaning. And a great, sweet, perfect, romantic, (blah, blah, blah), one at that. Personally, I love the idea of being serenaded with the male version of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream", Lifehouse's "You and Me", or basically anything by Michael Buble.

It may be silly but the idea of a guy who's totally crazy over me singing a song I'm totally crazy for just for me makes me want to swoon. I warned you in the beginning I'm a silly, crazy romantic, and a teenage girl to boot. I'm not saying that's the only thing I'll stand for, I mean, a mix CD will do just fine, but if a girl can dare to dream then this is what I'd love. Until then I'll just keep an eye out for a guy to steal my heart, a boy with a voice, and the sound of Darren Criss singing "Teenage Dream" through my speakers.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My List of 19 Things

I turn 19 in a little over 4 months. It's not a big deal really, I'm enjoying life as it comes and trying to take it slow for the most part. However, as much as I am happy to let life pass as slowly as possible so that I can drink in every second of it, there are sooo many things I would like to accomplish. I hate the idea of making a bucket list. It freaks me out way too much. Therefore, I have decided to start out small and make a list of "19 Things to Accomplish Before I Turn 19". They will be some of the random things I want to do, ranging from small to big. Because I only have about 4 and a half months, and limited money, they will be on the smaller side, but important none the less.

I'm hoping to have an official list done by Friday (but depending on my class workload we'll see...) and although I will be announcing it here, I plan on also making a separate page so that we can all track my progress.

At the moment, I only have a few ideas to put on the list. One of the major ones is to get my ears pierced. I know, most girls got their ears pierced long ago but not me, hence why it's going on the list. Another goal is to make honest to God spatzle. I love the stuff and want to try making it myself for once. I'm still working on a few more ideas, but I'd love some help. I'm not promising to use every suggestion you guys give me, but I'd love to hear your ideas!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Creativity Must be a Family Trait

A few weeks ago over fall break my mom asked me to take some pictures of her pottery. I was happy to do it. She's been taking pottery classes for over a year now, and she's started to get really good. I love how every time she finishes a new piece she brings it home for me to see and critique. Of course, I always tell her I love it and usually ask to keep a piece. It's cool that we have something in common to talk about. We both love arty stuff like that and both support each other in everything we create. These are a few of my favorite pieces of hers. Enojy!!

This is one of my favorite pieces. I use this bowl at craft shows to put my business cards in.

This is a soap dish we use.
This is a bowl that sits on the kitchen table that we put sugar packets in.

These are 2 bowls she made to put a plant in. I love being able to tell people she made the stuff they see around the house.
On the left is a little bowl we use for sugar packets on the kitchen table. It looks so pretty when the light hits it. On the right is a bowl and shallower bowl she put a plant in. I love how I can tell people she made the items they're looking at when they're in our house.