Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stream of Consciousness Day, Baby

A. I'm a new sponsor on a super cute blog called 'Crafted Love'. Check out my intro post here and stay tuned for my guest post coming soon. :D

B. Speaking of sponsoring...if you want to advertise my blog on your blog, you can now!! Over on the left of the screen is a super cute button (designed by Allison of Crafted Love), and under it is an HTML code you can copy and paste onto your page. And you really should. I mean, doesn't every blog deserve a little dash of cuteness?? ;)

C. Remember that list of "19 things before 19" I was working on?? I'm still working on it, I promise, but I'm changing it a little. With my birthday coming up in March, I feel like I don't have enough time to do anything big. Instead, I've decided I'm going to make a list of "19 Things Before 20" and try to accomplish them all by then. I figure that way I can add a few more of the bigger things to my list.

D. I added a few new things to my etsy shop!! The tote bag is already a new favorite among my friends and I even made a second one for my mom for Christmas (shhh, don't tell!!) and the little bunny cap is just so sweet. I wish I knew a baby to give it to. :) You can check out my etsy shop here!!

Little House (on the) Tote Bag

Newborn Baby Bunny Cap
 E. Lastly, a quick reminder that I love to hear from you!! Leave a comment, e-mail me at, or ask to be penpals!! Everyone loves getting mail. :)

I'll be back later with an actual post, and hopefully pictures of this gorgeous snow that's starting to fall. xoxo, Lauren

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