Monday, February 7, 2011

must have mondays

this weekend was great. i had so much fun with my friends. however, last night and today?? the week is starting off sucky. dealing with minor drama, overslept this morning and missed my first class, my bank account was frozen, the list continues. it's also a week till valentine's day so that doesn't make me much happier. therefore, i decided to do my "must have mondays" in an anti-valentine's day style. next monday will be all for valentine's day, but until then here are some interesting things i found.

1. you must give these cards to all your single friends
hey, us single folk gotta get the word out!! plus, they're totally cute. who doesn't like ice cream?? :)

2. you must use this mirror
of course, i am morally opposed to voodoo. it's kinda weird, a little harsh, and a lot creepy. however, this picture of a voodoo doll is kinda funny.

3, you must wear this brooch
broken hearted?? don't hide it!! show people you're sad and that you're proud by wearing this adorable little brooch on your sleeve (or shirt)

4. you must listen to this song (the glee version of 'forget you')
(sorry it's tiny)
got an ex?? send them this subtle message of what you truly think of them, and then remember just how much better off without them you are.

5. you must eat some of these candy hearts
i can't find where you buy these, but i think they're kinda funny. i love sweet tart hearts and the cute little messages, but for someone bitter these could be better (like the alliteration there??)

hope you enjoyed this week's bitter take on valentine's day. i'll be back later with some more posts and an update about my week. let's hope it improves!!
xoxo, Lauren


  1. Haha that brooch is really adorable!

  2. love the brooch too! so cute! and I think sister would probably love that mirror. It seems very her


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