Wednesday, February 2, 2011

captian's ball!!

this past saturday was captian's ball. it's basically. prom for college kids. the dances i went to in high school weren't that great. i went to two homecomings and one prom, and although they were fun to dress up for, they weren't much else. this however, was totally different. my girlfriends and i had all planned to go together so i was really looking forward to it. being girls, we started getting ready really early. everyone was helping each other do hair and fix make-up. my friends gretchen helped with my hair (it looked amazing) and erica did my make-up. i wish they could do it everyday!! :)

of course, once we were all ready we had to take a million photos of everyone. i got photos with all my gorgeous girlfriends (from left to right they're taylor, erica, and kim), as well as the whole group together.

the rest of the night was spent dancing with my friends, cheering on my hallmates as they attempted karoke, munched on chocolate covered strawberries, pretzles, and marshmallows, and dancing more. one of the best parts was that for once in my life i didn't waste time worrying about guys. i simply flirted, laughed, and let myself enjoy feeling pretty and being silly. we sang and danced our hearts out in a big circle and it was hilarious. afterwards we all went to ihop (yes, at 12 something in the morning). apparently we weren't the only ones with that idea because everyone was eating there in their fancy dresses and suits. i loaded up on chocolate chip pancakes and didn't worry about the calories because i had probably burned them off from dancing. in case you can't tell, all of my friends had such an amazing time, and so did i. i can't wait till next year. and check back on friday because for "silly photo friday" i'll be posting a few more pictures from the ball. how was your weekend??
xoxo, Lauren


  1. That sounds like so much fun! I wish we had more things like that at our college - we have some semi-formal events like spring fling and stuff, but they're getting less and less formal every year so it's just like every other weekend when everyone just gets wasted. I'm glad you had a great time, and your pictures look great!!

  2. uh yeah, totally stealing that pic of you and me. It's really cute :)


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