Sunday, May 8, 2011

catching up

i haven't posted since march. i'm not going to even try and explain everything that's gone on recently, but i can say that i have finished my freshman year of college (yay!!) and it's summertime now. i've stopped doing yoga and i really need to pick it up again. i miss it. but with summer i think things will calm down a lot and i can have some fun. i have a (rather crazy) living plan set up for the summer, but more importantly i have many recipes, crafts, and fun activities planned that i intend to blog about.

(my "roomies" and myself)
the past couple weeks were nuts. finals were happening and my stress and problems were getting the best of me. i can't believe i'm finally done with my freshman year though!! there were moments i didn't think i'd survive. but overall it was amazing and i wouldn't change it for anything. it was so weird seeing the rooms i called "home" for almost a year emptied, but i'm crazy excited for next year!!

with all the extra time i have now that it's summer, i am jumping full force into my etsy shop. i added a few new items the other day, and more are coming this week. think some cute tote bags, hair accessories (like the customizable college barrette above), key chains, and play felt food for kids. this past week i also gave the shop a makeover when i redid my policies, about me, sections, welcome, even descriptions. let's hope it helps get me some sales!!
the next few days i'll be trying to jump back into blogging. it may take me a bit at first, especially because my computer isn't working at all and it's currently being sent back to toshiba to be fixed so i'm using my moms, but i'll make it work. summer 2011 is going to be amazing. i can feel it!! :)
xoxo, lauren

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  1. Welcome back!
    I know how that can be with school life and a blog to juggle, sometimes you just have to pick your battles :)


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