Monday, January 31, 2011

must have mondays!!

hi all! hope you had a fun weekend. mine was amazing. we had our big formal event, the captian's ball, and i had a fantastic time partying it up with my friends. more on that later. ;) for now, here are my "must haves for this week", and in honor of the captian's ball i decided to have them all center around formal events and dancing!! enjoy!! :)

1. you must wear a beautiful dress like this one
there are a million other gorgeous dresses on modcloth, but i love the color for the transition between january (winter) and february (valentine's day). the main thing is that you have to feel beautiful in whatever dress you end up wearing.

2. you must add some cute bows to your shoes
as a college student on a college budget (with a little help from the parents) i can only buy so much. hence why i LOVE the idea of gettting a simple pair of heels (black is okay but i like silver better) and dressing them up by adding different kinds of fun little shoe clips.

3. you must dance to this song
this song is so much fun to just jump around to, and the lyrics are easy so everyone can sing along. my girlfriends went a little crazy during this song. (and every other song too...)

4. you must carry your necessities in this clutch

although i'm not a fan of black (im too pale to pull it off) i do like the pattern and think it'd be fun for a party. i'm all about the accessories here.

5. you must have this lip gloss

this is by far one of my favorite flavors. it's sweet and fun and everytime i put some on i get at least one person (guys and girls) telling me how good it smells.

hope you like my party outfit necessities for today's "must have mondays". i'll be back later to tell you about the ball itself.
xoxo, Lauren

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