Monday, June 6, 2011

groovy smoothie

i'm a fan of anything sweet and fruity. make it healthy and that's just an added bonus. while i was in georgia, my mom and i were shopping in jcpenny when we found these super cool "magic bullet" blenders. you can make dips, soups, mousse, fruit juices, smoothies, ect. i'd actually seen it on another blogger's page, but hadn't found one in person. as i'm sure you can guess, i was super excited. even more exciting, they were 50% off!!!!!! **happy dance** of course, my mom bought me a red one (sadly there was no pink) and got my sister a blue one (hope you like it jessie).

(there's a smoothie in the making...)

i decided to try making a strawberry bananna smoothie for the first try. i cut up a ton of fresh strawberries and froze them. (hint- when freezing fruit, you may want to put in on a tray instead of just in a bowl like i did. that way it won't freeze into  a giant lump.) i then added a bananna and some vanilla yogurt. at first it was a little thick but i fixed that w- the addition of some milk. i like my smoothies really creamy so i was happy with it.

(mhmmm...freshly frozen strawberries) 

i plan to experiment a ton with different flavor combinations. i'll try to post a few recipes when i find something really yummy. and if you have any smoothie suggestions, leave them in the comments!!
xoxo, lauren

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