Sunday, June 5, 2011

my new roommate

i got back to virginia recently. and my once broken computer was finally fixed, thanks to the lovely people at toshiba. (of course, if it hadn't been made wrong in the first place...but whatever) even cooler is that my friend taylor moved in with me on the 23rd of may... (yes, i know that was almost 2 weeks ago but i've been busy). the fun's already started. ya know, just a bit.

being goofballs at target

i have a ton of blogs in the making. i've included a DIY or two, and some silly fun posts all around. i've written up a few of them but i'm waiting to post them. i really feel like i can keep it up this time. i'm not just saying it for once. but we'll see. now i'm off to the grocery store.
xoxo, lauren

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