Monday, June 27, 2011

"Sun-Kissed" Glow

i'm pale. super pale. this isn't a new thing for me. i was pale before twilight made it cool. i can't even hold a tan. i just don't have pigment (or whatever it is that you need) in my skin. and honestly, i don't mind. i don't wear dark colors much, so it's not like i have to worry about looking faded out. i do have to worry about burning though, because 20 minutes outside and i'm turning crispier than a piece of bacon and more red than a strawberry tomatoe.

one thing that is difficult is finding make up to match my skin tone. the lightest shades in most brands are usually about a shade or two darker. if i want blush or bronzer, i usually end up looking like a clown with giant red patches on my cheeks. i blush easily, and often, which gives me a natural pink tint, but it doesn't last.

my point of this post is to inform you all about a wonderful product. i kid you not, it completes me. i'm in love, and not with a man. it's actually an elf. what? oh, sorry, i meant E.L.F., the Eyes Lips Face brand found at target. i would like to introduce you all the the E.L.F. All Over Color Stick. Available in 5 shades, and for only a dollar, it's the perfect match for me.

How we met: i was once again wandering the make up department in my local target, feeling hopeless about ever finding the perfect make up match for my pale, lonely skin. i headed towards the E.L.F. section, a favorite of mine because of their cheap prices and good quality (not perfect, but considering you can get most of their stuff for under $5.00, it's really good). i wasn't expecting to find anything, but a new little product in the corner caught my eye. i looked at it for a minute, then decided at $1.00, it was worth a try.

i got home and tried it out. it's perfect. amazing. i love it. it has a light citrus scent, but nothing too fancy or powerful. you rub it anywhere (i usually just do a little dab along my cheekbones, nothing fancy), maybe blend it in a bit with your fingers, and there ya go. i've used it over a light foundation, over my regular moisturizer, and on my skin alone and it still looks good. it gives me a light dose of shimmery color that looks more like a sun-kissed glow than make up. i personally am a fan of the "golden peach" (shown above), but i'd like to try "pink lemonade", with just a bit more pink than gold, next.
(NOTE: i am not doing this for anyone other than myself, and for you guys. i wish E.L.F. would shower me with make up for telling you about this, but alas, i doubt that they will)

what make up supplies are you totally loving??
xoxo, lauren

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