Monday, September 27, 2010

Buy Me Monday

Hi guys!! Sorry my posting's been a little sporadic. I've been adjusting to moving into my new dorm as well as a major paper that I had to bust my butt on. :) I'm here now though, so yay for that!!

Another fun idea I've had for my blog is featuring a shop a week. I noticed a lot of blogs do their featured shops on Fridays. I decided to do mine on Monday instead. I don't like to follow the crowd, so doing this on Monday is a little different. Also, Mondays are always such a dreary, icky day so I thought this would be a fun little way to brighten people's Mondays. :) I'll be going through my favorite shops and doing a little profile on them and what some of my favorite pieces they sell are.

My first shop I'm featuring is Happy Cosmos. :)

You can find them at

I simply love this shop!! :) Although I haven't bought anything yet, it's def on my list of places I wish I could purchase from. Everything is made from fleece, and they sell adorable little accessories such as keychains and messenger bags. I put 2 of my favorites underneath!!

Pancake Keychains!! My favorite is the little love one with the heart, but all 3 are totally "squee" worthy. :)

Bunny Messenger Bag!! It looks so cute and cuddly, you just want to hold it all day long. :)

So those are only 2 of my favorite things they sell but they have tons of other cute stuff that you should totally check out!!

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