Sunday, September 19, 2010

Looking on the Bright Side

I haven't blogged in a few days. Bad me. I've been a little stressed out, to say the least. I'll give you a quick rundown as to why I've been so upset, then I'm going to write about some happier things.

Long Story Short...

I thought my roommate issues were okay, until we had a little fight about keeping the sink clean on Wednesday. That opened the door to a whole other side of my roommate. We resolved it mostly, but things were still a little tense. On Friday we got a letter for one of us to leave and my roommates baiscally told me they expect me to move outbc they want more space. Then my mom and I, who are very close, started having some issues as well. Trying to get out a little, on Saturday I went to williamsburg with 2 friends and had a GREAT day. We had so much fun shopping (on a college budget, but still) and laughing. Once we got back to campus, the roommates were being evil yet again and all I wanted was to talk to my mom but I couldn't bc we were both upset with each other. I was really sad that night and spent it all alone in my room.

This morning I woke up feeling MUCH better. I met the person I am supposed to room with. She seems nice, but I just don't think it will be a great match... However, I am not living with my current situation because the people i live with now have shown me just how hurtful and low class they can be. I finally called my mom :) and she helped me decide that tomorrow I am walking over to housing and asking to be placed elsewhere.

Its been a little tough but I'm going to trust that this is all happening for a reason and it will work out how it is supposed to. I'm not the type of person to be sad and down for long, so I am going to point out some of the positives.

I've only been at college for about a month, and am slowly starting to make friends. The fact that I had people who wanted to know why I was sad, if they could help, and how I was doing showed me that there are some people here I do like and get along with that have the potential to be great friends. Two girls (one a close friend from HS, another we recently met) took a walk around campus with me in our bare feet at one AM. Aside from a few scary bugs we had fun running through the wet grass and laughing at the weird people still awake.

My one roommate has barely been in the room. I guess she's trying to show me how much she doesn't want me here. That makes me a little sad bc I enjoyed laughing with her before but I've used all my free alone time today to recopy my math notes, read for english, organize my desk, wash my huge pile of dishes, and eat really crunchy food without worrying about bothering her.

I can only think of one more good thing, but at least I found 3 good things out of this. The last one is that as I've mentioned before, I was looking at being here as my fresh start from all the crap I dealt with during my senior year. I still am. This little thing will pass and things will continue going well. :) However, I had somehow gotten it in my head that since this was my fresh start nothing bad would happen because I was here. I think I needed to realize there are still going to be problems in my life. I'm still dealing with what happened senior year. That doesn't mean that good things can't happen. I can still be positive, happy, bubbly, and optimistic. I can still keep moving forward and enjoy things. I just have to learn to roll with the punches and know there will be amazing people (like my mom) in my life to be there for me.


  1. Things will look up! It is hard to go through difficult times, but it makes us stronger! :)

  2. you have a great attitude your right things happen for a reason. keep your chin up & stay positive.

  3. Yikes! College and roommates can be a really hard transition. Things will get better though :)


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