Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Little Pick-Me-Up

The past few days have been kinda busy. I was up till 2:30am last night finishing up a paper, I still have another 8-12 page paper due Tuseday that I'm trying to finish earlier so I can skip class and head home for break early, and I have a couple of journal entries for my theater class due. On top of that I had a major fight over something stupid with someone I'm really close to. Although, I plan on blogging a little more about the people in my life and what's going on, we won't get into that because it's still being resolved, but I hate fighting with people I'm close to. Thankfully Patrick, probably one of my best friends here, was on fb to chat with me and cheer me up. Thank god for him. :)

Since I'm not one to be sad for often, I figured I'd blog about some of my favorite etsy finds that I really hope will make their way under the tree this Christmas. (As a side note, is anyone really excited for Christmas?? I can't wait!!)

I've been in love with these darling little hair clips for a while now. There's something about them that's just so darling. They'd def add a little dash of whimsy to your hair.

Whenever I'm stressed I love to just stand in a hot shower and relax for a few. This body whip looks like it'd be amazing. The seller has new scents out for Christmas as well so I can't wait to see (or smell) what else they come up with!!

Not going to lie, I'm crazy over this shop. She has all this amazing stuff I've never bought but always wanted. I love this piece in particular because I have a shiny pink, strapless dress that this would look great in. And I think CNU has something called the "Captian's Ball" in the spring. ;)

This last one I'm going to leave you with is one of my favorite fine art prints. I love spring and summer for all the fresh fruit. There's something about a bowl of fruit, especially strawberries in my opinion, sitting on the counter freshly washed just waiting for someone to come along and take a bit.


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