Sunday, January 23, 2011

a double feature movie review

this weekend has been jammed packed. friday night my friends and i went to see the social network. CAB (campus activities board, the group who sets up fun things to do all over campus) was hosting a free showing. the movie started at 9, but we got there at 8:30 and it was already packed. although the group i was with had to split up, we still all manged to get seats.


i was interested to see how the movie was because i've heard so many different opinions. it was way better than i was expecting. i think they made mark come off as way more ruthless and cold hearted than he appears in real life (at least, when i've seen him). and justin timberlake really isn't that great of an actor, i'm sorry. (please honey, go back to singing.) but overall, i really liked the movie. it moved at a god pace and had its really funny moments. i'm not sure how much of it is 100% true but i'm assuming most of it is. i think one of the reasons it was so interesting was because it really showed just how much facebook has influenced our lives. some of the stuff they did (like repeatedly checking to see if the girl he had friend requested had added him), made my friends and i laugh because we all knew that we secretly did it too. i'd totally recommend it to people looking to see it.

saturday morning i was hanging out with a friend when she mentioned wanting to go home for a night to spend time with her mom. she's about a 2-hour drive away from the campus while i'm about an hour away and she passes by my house in order get home. we had originally planned to go home on friday this weekend to see our families but plans got changed so we weren't going to go. somehow, the trip ended up being on for saturday night so we packed tote bags, grabbed our dirty laundry, and headed home. my parents were super excited to see me (i miss them a lot when i'm gone, plus i miss my puppies too). my mom cooked dinner, then she mentioned they had rented a movie. on an earlier trip back home we had wanted to see "eat, pray, love" but didn't have the time so this time she had ran out and got it.


the movie was really interesting. it's not my favorite by a long shot, but it def makes you think. julia roberts is wonderful (her laugh is so beautiful, and so iconic. i love it) and i liked some of the other supporting cast members. this movie is also based on a true story about a woman going to go find herself. my favorite part of her journies through italy (the food looked divine), india, and bali were the people she met. it was like everyone she met had their own little story that helped her figure herself out and i loved the idea of being so globally connected to all these amazing people all over the world and how you can help others while helping yourself at the same time. however, i did feel sad for liz, the character julia robets plays. it's no secret i'm trying to figure out my life, my place in the world, who i am, and all that stuff. some people may say i'm too young because i'm only 18, but i think it's a great time to start exploring the world. liz, who i'm assuming is in her mid-30's or 40's, never did that and she seemed so sad, almost pathtic at times. some of the stuff she was just figuring out then, i've already learned. we're both still trying to use it now though. once again, i'd recommend this movie although i feel like it would be more catered to people trying to find themselves or searching for that extra little bit of motivation.

this weekend was so great. i got to have fun with my friends, yet i still got to come home and see my parents and puppies. (oh, and i got a super cute new cardigan i may try to post a picture of soon!!) ;) what did you do this weekend??
xoxo, Lauren

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