Wednesday, January 12, 2011

back to college-land!!

i got back to college on saturday and classes started on monday. as hard as it was to leave my family and my animals, i was so excited to get back. even after just one semester it already feels like home and i have a little "college family" that i love. one of my goals for my blog this year is to blog more about my life and my college adventures. this semester is going to be a little busier than last semester.

(my super awesome planner!!)

the first semester is one of the harder semesters because people are adjusting, finding themselves, meeting people, and learning to live on their own. my stats grade wasn't the greatest but i passed which is what matters most. i have one more math class this semester and once i'm done with that i'm freeeee of math. i'm also fundraising chair for the ballroom dance society, meaning i get to plan all the fun little events to build up funds. i'm already working on the first little event that should be held later this month. i'm also on the sketch comedy team, hanging out with friends, working on my etsy and blog, and getting ready for our huge formal event, the captian's ball, coming up later this month. more on that laaater... ;)

so far my classes seem okay. i had to switch one that doesn't start till next monday, but hopefully that one will be good as well. i'm in one of the easiest math classes and 2 of my ballroom friends are in there so i should be able to get by. my history class actually seems pretty cool. the professor was well-recommended by a friend who had him and he seems pretty rad so far. i'm in 2 psych classes, 201 and 202, and i have them back-to-back so tuseday and thursday evenings from 4 to 7 will be all psychology. the first professor seems amazing, but the second...not so much. during the first class he lectured for almost an hour without stopping. i'll try not to complain too much but i don't think i'll be praising the class much either. i do need to get my study habits in order, however. i have my binders (but i still need cover pages!!) for each day, my super colorful pens, planner (50% off at Barnes & Noble!!) and most of my books are in. Now all that's left is actually starting to study.


we had a "ballroom free dance" last night and it was sooo amazing to see everyone again and start dancing. i had so much fun dancing with all my friends that i've missed. damian, my cha cha partner, and i had an especially great time dancing together again. we were cha cha partners at the dance competition we went to in november, and missed advancing to the next level by one judge. our plan is to practice like crazy and take no prisoners at the competition next november.

tonight we have our first official ballroom lesson of the semester and rumor has it this guy i've been talking to a lot recently will be there. more on that later. ;)
xoxo, Lauren

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  1. College life sometimes I don't miss it (especially the looming debt...ick) But, I'm excited to return next fall :)

    Hope you do good this semester!


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