Monday, January 24, 2011

social networking update

hi again!! 2 posts in one day what what!?!?!? i have a few quick updates to tell you about.

1. i got a twitter!! i used to have one, then i deleted it, then i realized how much i missed it and brought it back. you can follow me at @CupcakeCutiebug. feel free to say hello and i'll try my hardest to reply every time. :)

2. valentine's day is coming up and although it's not my favorite holiday (for a single girl it can be a little depressing) i've decided to spread a little cheer by offering a little sale in my shop. by entering the code HUGSandKISSES in the coupon code box you'll get 14% (fourteen!!) off your price. that def makes valentine's day a little sweeter. also, you can find my etsy shop here.

that's it for now but i'll be back tomorrow. until then, here are a few sweet pictures to brighten up your day!! :)
xoxo, Lauren


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