Monday, January 24, 2011

must have mondays

i don't think i've been up this early for quite a bit. i actually got up at 8:30 to run over to the housing office, but i'll explain more on that later. ;) this week's "must have mondays" is changing a bit. i don't want to only show off things i like that you can buy, but rather, stuff i love in general. so "must have mondays" isn't so much as "must buy this" but more "you this, read this, eat this, ect". the style's changing a wee bit but it'll still be fun. i promise. okay, enough with the ramblings (can you tell i got less sleep than i needed?? i apologize). onto the stuff!!

1. i must buy this for my friend
my friend taylor loves converse shoes and her favorite color is blue. when i saw this i about freaked out because i know it would be perfect for her. now if only i had the money or her birthday was coming up...hmmm ;)

2. you must feel sexy when you're slaving over the perfect bundt cake wearing this now
i bake all the time (hello, my blog has the word 'cupcakes' in its title) so the second i saw this i flipped. this is exactly what i need the next time i start baking.

3. you must cover up your next injury with these band aids.
so maybe they're a little most costly than most band aids, but they're just so cute. although, as accident prone as i am, i'd go through them within a week.

4. you must remember these ways to deal with stress

(you may have to click to enlarge). i get stressed super easily. especially last week. and this week is going to be a little hectic too. hopefully if i focus on some of these ideas, and with the help of my friends, i can get through it all.

5. you must put this print on your wall.
kind of going along with my "don't stress" idea from the last one, soaking in a bubble bath is one of my favorite ways to relax and unwind. i dob't have a bathtub here but usually a long hot shower will still do.

hope you enjoyed the "must haves" for today. i'll be back later with another post. xoxo, lauren


  1. That necklace was on my Wishlist too! I really need those bandaids. Adorable!

  2. Those bandaides are sooo cute!

  3. aw thank you so much! that's very sweet of you :)

  4. I love the converse necklace!!


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