Monday, January 17, 2011

Must Have Mondays!!

hi there!! this past weekend was super crazy busy and although i had an amazing time, it also left me majorly sleep deprived. i'll post later about my weekend (i didnt even take any pictures, i was having THAT much fun!!) but for now i'm going to squeeze in a quick "must have mondays post"!! :)

1. this top is so adorable.

it's one of my favorite colors and its a style i can usually pull off. plus i could dress it up or down, depending if i was frolicking off to a party, class, or hanging out with a cutie. ;)

2. this necklace
it's totally fun and sweet as well. anyone who knows me knows i love cupcakes (hello, look at my blog title!!) and this would be a treat to add onto any wardrobe. (sorry for all the cupcake jokes...haha)

3. this dress
the captian's ball will be here soon enough and of course, being a girl, i get really into the dresses. this is so sweet and it's vintage, which makes it even better. another great etsy find, of course!!

4, this print
i absolutely adore flapperdoodle. i got a few of her prints for christmas, but i wouldn't mind another one. this one would be great because i love and miss my puppies back home. granted, they aren't dalmations, but it would do.

5. this adorable little baby alpaca
okay so i know this is kinda silly but i saw this picture and just couldn't resist. i've always wanted a little baby alpaca or llama, but alas, living in a subdivision (or college dorm room) doesn't exactly make that possible. one day maybe... ;) oh, and of course i'd put it in a little jacket!!


  1. whoa! a baby llama would be AWESOME

  2. Love that pink dress! And the purple shirt too... looks like we have similar taste! Although, I MAY have to differ with you on the llama... a miniature highland cow is my top baby livestock pick. ;)

  3. beautiful blog....I subscribe to my blog...tks..kiss..


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