Monday, January 10, 2011

Must Have Mondays-

I finally have internet again!! i got up super early (well, 8:35am but that's early for a college student!!) and treked over to the tech services place. at first the guy had no idea what to do and i was convinced my laptop was screwed but with the help of google (by this point i was almost ready to give up hope completely) they got it working again. :) :) i just about jumped over the counter and hugged the guy when he said it was fixed.

anyway, now that i finally have my lovely little laptop working again, i'm ready to dive into blogging and my etsy. i plan to devote a lot more time to it this semester. i'm adding more features, one of which is this one. "must have mondays" is basically where i'll be showing you some of my favorite stuff i've found recently. i decided on "must have mondays" because 1. a lot of people do "fav fridays" or "things i like thursday" and i just wanted something a little different and 2. i like the alliteration. teehee and now, onto my first "must have monday"

1. this adorable headband from my etsy shop
i know it's from my own shop so maybe that makes it a little tacky but i just can't help it. i made the first one with the intention of selling it and loved it so much i had to keep it. therefore, i made 2. and then 20 more in different colors. plus, they're perfect for valentine's day. :)

2. these adorable key covers.

the second i saw them i just about died. more accurately, i squealed with excitement. i want them so badly but if i got them i'm not exactly sure where they'd go. i don't exactly have any keys (except for my one house key) to put them on. nonetheless, they are so sweet.

3. this super awesome print
i'm a teenage girl. it's a fact that no matter how many hours you put into it, your hair will almost never do what you want it to when you need it to. next year i'll be living with 4 other girls and sharing one bathroom. i'm thinking this print may end up hanging on the wall next to the mirror.

4. this super cool USB drive
i lost my flash drive awhile ago. so far i've been using my friend jessica's flash drive (not sure if she knows i still have that...ooops) but i suppose i'll need to get my own eventually. this one is so sweet and it even comes in pink too!! that's the one i'll be getting.

5. this happy little print
something about this print makes me super happy. not sure if its the bright yellow of the simplicity of the message but something about it just makes me smile. and you should too. :)

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