Wednesday, January 26, 2011

is there an ark i can borrow??

i adore my college. the classes are great, the people are great, the food is (usually) great. i sound silly but i can't even begin to describe just how much i love it here. there's really only one or two little things i don't like about the school and it's something that's totally and completly out of the school's control. what is it?? the weather. i live in newport news, va. for those that don't know, it's on the east coast of the united states. that means that it's really windy. i don't totally hate cold, but wind sucks beyond belief. it makes everything colder and messes up perfectly fixed hair. i love snow, but because we're on the coast, we get almost no snow. ever. instead, we get rain. a lot of rain. tons of rain.

don't get me wrong, i adore rainy days. i love any excuse to pull out my super cute rain boots and umbrella, and love being able to curl up in bed with a blanket and fuzzy socks to study (or nap or watch movies on hulu). however, when it rains here, it pours and that means we basically get flooded. another thing about being near the coast means that we're very low so everytime it rains the campus floods. i'm short (only 5'2!!) so sometimes i feel like i'm about to drown while walking to class!!

although they predicted a wintry mix the past couple of days, we ended up just getting a ton of rain today. (and of course i forgot my umbrella, which meant a mad dash back to my dorm for me). already the campus is flooding. i think i may need a boat when i head to dinner tonight. here are some pictures of the rain i stole from a friend. how's the weaather where you are??
xoxo, Lauren


  1. Wow! That's crazy! Looks like some good puddle stompin' weather to me. ;)
    We have tons and tons and tons of snow here. It's ridiculous. I posted pics of it on my blog, so you might have seen them.
    Today it's warmed up to 31 degrees! It's like a serious heat wave. Everyone is saying how *nice* it is out! It's sweatshirt weather for us. Srsly. :D

  2. ewwww. i guess that will stop me from complaining about the snow.... at least for a few minutes.


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